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Which Superbowl Team Scores With Social Media?

Hines Ward patted down by TSA on the trip to Dallas (Credit Steelers on Twitter)

Lots of brands I follow and interact with are using Social Media to engage and build relationships with customers.  The fan base of a sports team might be one example of how social media could benefit as a department within an organization.  Who would you tweet if there was a problem with ticketing or a defective product purchased from the stadium’s pro shop?

Glancing at the Steelers and Packers social media channels, both are keeping fans tuned in with the journey to the Superbowl.  Each timeline is an ongoing pep rally for fans to watch and cheer for.  The picture of Hines Ward above shows that airport security applies to Superbowl players on and off the field.  I think this a great example of transparency.

This victory is more prestigious to Green Bay.  Packers fans have been passionate for this moment a lot longer.  Between the Steelers and the Packers,  I think the Green and Gold would bring down Twitter.

Now, the most prominent Superbowl team using Social Media?  My vote goes to the Steelers.  They do a great job of illustrating their road to the Superbowl.  Not just with pictures and videos, but I notice engagement with fans on Twitter that I don’t see on the Packers timeline.

Who do you think has or will have the most Social Media presence by Sunday?


Life on the Mac! No Turning Back.

I’ve used Windows machines, or DOS if you go back that far.  It was the pedestal of getting things done.  I remember being the only one in elementry school handing in type written assignments for quite awhile.  I didn’t think it could get any easier.

Today we have to worry about viruses, hacks, hijacking and other forms of being attacked besides potential hardware malfunctions.  Contributing factors aside, it becomes an issue of time management.  If something goes wrong, it needs to be fixed.  Is there enough time in your day for these things?

Mac’s tend to not have these problems.  Especially with the online portion. Switching to Mac, it changed everything.  Learning things quicker, less maintence, and putting myself into the postion I want to be.  I can share and teach things about technology without the burden of running spyware scanners prior to a meeting and so forth.

Technology has some catching up to do in certain demographics, but the dependency is becoming less thanks to the evolution of Social Media and computers in general.  Macs are doing a very good job of maintaining an ease-of-use platform besides looking cool.  

Many think my surroundings are full of gadgets.  I have a Mac the size and thickness of a manila envelope, iPhone, and an Apple TV.   They all make time, learning, and maintence feel seamless regardless of what lies ahead.  

Doing more in less time.  That’s how I use technology.  How about you?

The Power of Hello!

It’s as grand as He-Man

Mad Respect #Jets #Steelers


I’m blog post-less today, but I respect the hell out of this picture. 

I have NOT LOST my @Kik


Was accused of not having Kik Messenger in my Social folder today.

My Social iPhone Folder


What’s in yours?

The #Jets Bring Me to Life

I can’t think of any NFL clip that I’ve watched over and over again. This hits the spot. Happy Monday!

Playoff Picks: #JETS and #SEAHAWKS

For those that know me, I’m a multi-team fan.  Football started having a distant family member play for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Always kept me excited, and never discouraged from a loss.

The Seattle Mariners pulled me into baseball.  Ken Griffey Jr. was the ultimate human being  for a long time.  Finally making it to Safeco Field after many years of waiting,  I couldn’t help but notice the roar coming from Qwest Field. I get curious about what brings fans on the edge of their seats. The Emerald City became the first package containing all my interests for a little while.

Favre got picked up by the New York Jets.  I was more curious than ever how that acquisition would affect the team and fans.  Never heard much about the Jets except through @garyvee.  After watching a few games,  I realized it wasn’t Favre keeping me glued in.  There’s lots of good things happening here.  Rex Ryan is my favorite coach.  Knowing there are solid guys like Cromartie and Revis tying the knots with defense. Holmes, Keller, and Edwards for big yards. The Jets might be an unreliable team to the media and some football fans, but I’m a firm believer in growth.   People are pinning that growth to Mark Sanchez.  I’m even guilty of saying “I could sell my Sanchez jersey right now”,  but I’m a believer.


TAG YOU’RE IT! Nike+ GPS for iPhone


The Nike+ GPS app for iPhone introduced a new feature today.  You can play tag with your friends.  I haven’t tested it yet, but the concept is awesome.  Positive reinforcement through a mobile application can fill a missing hole with any goal. Nike+ GPS automatically syncs runs making imports into Dailymile super easy.

I’ve been applying the same concept on Foursquare lately.  After checking into the gym, I add a shout to @alisonjns basically saying “tag you’re it”. Hopefully motivating her to run or hit the gym that day.  In return, she tweets me back. Keeps things on the edge.

If you’ve tried this new feature,  let me know what you think!

@AFiebig’s Secret Green Juice