Life on the Mac! No Turning Back.

I’ve used Windows machines, or DOS if you go back that far.  It was the pedestal of getting things done.  I remember being the only one in elementry school handing in type written assignments for quite awhile.  I didn’t think it could get any easier.

Today we have to worry about viruses, hacks, hijacking and other forms of being attacked besides potential hardware malfunctions.  Contributing factors aside, it becomes an issue of time management.  If something goes wrong, it needs to be fixed.  Is there enough time in your day for these things?

Mac’s tend to not have these problems.  Especially with the online portion. Switching to Mac, it changed everything.  Learning things quicker, less maintence, and putting myself into the postion I want to be.  I can share and teach things about technology without the burden of running spyware scanners prior to a meeting and so forth.

Technology has some catching up to do in certain demographics, but the dependency is becoming less thanks to the evolution of Social Media and computers in general.  Macs are doing a very good job of maintaining an ease-of-use platform besides looking cool.  

Many think my surroundings are full of gadgets.  I have a Mac the size and thickness of a manila envelope, iPhone, and an Apple TV.   They all make time, learning, and maintence feel seamless regardless of what lies ahead.  

Doing more in less time.  That’s how I use technology.  How about you?



  1. I’ve been a Mac for over 10 years. Today I just ordered my first “personal” MacBook Pro. Pulled the trigger at the wrong time (new ones will be out soon for the same price), but it was a must have for the Tweet Race. Can’t take a journey of a lifetime and not have a Mac. :)Agree with you and Tommy.

  2. Ross, good stuff. I think we agree that Apple makes it easy to do the things we do easier and seamless. Yes they also look cool. For me, it just works! I don’t have time to worry about things not working, and thats why I choose and work with Macs.

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