Which Superbowl Team Scores With Social Media?

Hines Ward patted down by TSA on the trip to Dallas (Credit Steelers on Twitter)

Lots of brands I follow and interact with are using Social Media to engage and build relationships with customers.  The fan base of a sports team might be one example of how social media could benefit as a department within an organization.  Who would you tweet if there was a problem with ticketing or a defective product purchased from the stadium’s pro shop?

Glancing at the Steelers and Packers social media channels, both are keeping fans tuned in with the journey to the Superbowl.  Each timeline is an ongoing pep rally for fans to watch and cheer for.  The picture of Hines Ward above shows that airport security applies to Superbowl players on and off the field.  I think this a great example of transparency.

This victory is more prestigious to Green Bay.  Packers fans have been passionate for this moment a lot longer.  Between the Steelers and the Packers,  I think the Green and Gold would bring down Twitter.

Now, the most prominent Superbowl team using Social Media?  My vote goes to the Steelers.  They do a great job of illustrating their road to the Superbowl.  Not just with pictures and videos, but I notice engagement with fans on Twitter that I don’t see on the Packers timeline.

Who do you think has or will have the most Social Media presence by Sunday?


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