Joining up with WebBeat.TV and GeekBeat.TV

Excited to announce that I’ve joined the team at WebBeat TV! It’s a show that covers the lastest on the web involving trends, social media, news, and other tidbits. Hosted by @Pelpina, I’m looking forward to working with her and meet the rest of the team.

GeekBeat TV is hosted by @CaliLewis. If you’ve been following technology for a long time, you’re probably familiar with her. Her show covers lots of cool gadgets and coverage for events like CES. It’s an absolute pleasure to be working with her as well.

Along with Livid Lobster , it feels great to be sitting at a table (or however one wants to sit) with such like minded people. There’s plenty of bacon to pass around, and good conversation! Many thanks to @Pelpina for bringing me on board.

Check out the episode of WebBeat TV below. Feel free to pitch any ideas or comments my way.



  1. Congrats! I thought about joining the geekbeat/webbeat blogger team but I think I need to get my own blog under control first, lol. Look forward to seeing your name on some of the posts 😉

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