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TAG YOU’RE IT! Nike+ GPS for iPhone


The Nike+ GPS app for iPhone introduced a new feature today.  You can play tag with your friends.  I haven’t tested it yet, but the concept is awesome.  Positive reinforcement through a mobile application can fill a missing hole with any goal. Nike+ GPS automatically syncs runs making imports into Dailymile super easy.

I’ve been applying the same concept on Foursquare lately.  After checking into the gym, I add a shout to @alisonjns basically saying “tag you’re it”. Hopefully motivating her to run or hit the gym that day.  In return, she tweets me back. Keeps things on the edge.

If you’ve tried this new feature,  let me know what you think!


@AFiebig’s Secret Green Juice

What Music Gets You Pumped?

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This is usually what I have playing when walking into a gym, or working on a project.  What gets you going?

Changing Your Twitter Avatar? Is it Healthy?

When maintaining an online presence, it’s recommended to keep the same profile photo. 

Change is a keyword that can throw people off.  It’s inevitable, but some things do need to change. However, changing a profile picture can distort an identity. 

The above screenshot is a brief conversation with my friend Luke using Kik Messenger.  It’s a one-on-one conversation, and we know each other in person.  His picture throws me off a bit since it’s not the usual one I see on social platforms.  It’s Luke being Luke. As a public representation, it might steer people away.  

I created an 8bit version of myself wearing a Jets hoodie and my blue visor. Figured I could do anything with an avatar since my Twitter background has a photo and so forth.  Whoops, I lost 40 followers that day.

It was a creative idea to represent myself, but it may have changed peoples perception that I’m a video gamer.  

What do you think?



Instant Messaging: Dead or Minimal? Lets @kik it

Back in the 90’s it was the coolest way to chat with your close buddies.  Today, LOL and BRB are now seen in Facebook and Twitter updates.  Regardless of what social channels are used for, did Instant Messaging disappear?

I never minded the lack of privacy with Instant Messaging.  It’s parallel to some privacy concerns on Facebook.  Conversations on Instant Messaging platforms back then could be saved, or screenshots taken.  Therefore, any “dark secrets” could become public. 

The growing openness on the web is lessening the dependency on private conversations.  I remember the need to use multi-protocol messaging applications like Trillian to be connected everywhere.  AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, IRC, and so forth were taking up a lot of screen space.  

Google Talk and Skype are the only two I still use,  barely.  The need to use an app that logs into everything feels irrelevant now.   Stumbled on an iPhone app called Verbs (shown above) which supports Google Talk only.  It fits into the minimal requirements of what I’m looking for.

Today, I use Kik more than any app that revolves around one-on-one conversation. They put an emphasis on realtime communication which makes both the interface and sense of urgency come to life.

@Groupon now in Appleton, WI


The popular city guide to getting the best deals with local businesses has now hit Appleton, WI.  Very first special is at The Wooden Nickel located on College Ave.

Download the app for your mobile device, or go to to set up email alerts.  All we do here is eat.  At least that’s what I tell visitors 🙂


Social Media, Favre, and Bacon

First Video Blog of 2011

Organize Yourself With SpringPad, Evernote, or Both?

It’s time to organize, but there’s lots of ways to do it.  The concept of having a place to dump your brain is brilliant.  It started with Evernote.

SpringPad came along.  I’m already using it more than than Evernote on launch day.  It feels less like a brain dump, and more like a personal assistant.  It has social sharing features, Google Calendar sync, auto categorizing (bookmarks, restaurants etc.).  The iPhone app can scan a barcode and will recognize what kind of product it is.  Evernote would only involve taking a picture of a product and having to find it later.  It does have the ability to search for words inside pictures which is a very cool feature.

Opening the Evernote desktop app feels like an email inbox.  Our brains get cluttered just like emails, so Evernote might give off the same feel if you live an email heavy lifestyle.  SpringPad has a personality.  It can nudge you if your checklist isn’t complete, add notes to already created notes, and people can follow you like Twitter.  All notes and sharing options are marked private by default.

Only a couple features I’m missing in SpringPad.  There is no official way to migrate from Evernote to SpringPad.  Manually, there isn’t a way to change the dates of pictures and so forth.  The Chrome Extension only clips web pages and lacks the ability to jot a quick note.

What’s your pick? Do you still use a pen and paper?

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