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My Social iPhone Folder


What’s in yours?


Keeping up to date? Use @Instapaper


Reading content can take time,  even using RSS alerts.  Often find myself using the down arrow to skim through a pile of headlines until something interests me. Sometimes there’s a bunch of things, so Instapaper comes in real handy.

Instapaper is like a bookmark, but stores content you want to read later in one spot.  It’s built-in to many RSS readers, smartphone apps, and even works on the Kindle.  Sign up for an account, and you’re ready to go.

It’s been a big help lately since I easily forget what or why I bookmarked something 🙂

Best 99 cents for a Twitter app? Try @weetapp

Weet is extremely simple to use. Launches fast, Instapaper, image and video uploading with Cloudapp and Droplr.

As short of a review as this is, it’s that simple.  Only cons in this version I ran into were no landscape mode or geotagging.

There is a Mac version in beta, but the iPhone app functions much better right now.