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I have NOT LOST my @Kik


Was accused of not having Kik Messenger in my Social folder today.


My Social iPhone Folder


What’s in yours?

TAG YOU’RE IT! Nike+ GPS for iPhone


The Nike+ GPS app for iPhone introduced a new feature today.  You can play tag with your friends.  I haven’t tested it yet, but the concept is awesome.  Positive reinforcement through a mobile application can fill a missing hole with any goal. Nike+ GPS automatically syncs runs making imports into Dailymile super easy.

I’ve been applying the same concept on Foursquare lately.  After checking into the gym, I add a shout to @alisonjns basically saying “tag you’re it”. Hopefully motivating her to run or hit the gym that day.  In return, she tweets me back. Keeps things on the edge.

If you’ve tried this new feature,  let me know what you think!

Best 99 cents for a Twitter app? Try @weetapp

Weet is extremely simple to use. Launches fast, Instapaper, image and video uploading with Cloudapp and Droplr.

As short of a review as this is, it’s that simple.  Only cons in this version I ran into were no landscape mode or geotagging.

There is a Mac version in beta, but the iPhone app functions much better right now.


Square increases your sex appeal


Square can make you look cool and increase your appeal to the opposite sex. Don’t believe us?