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I have NOT LOST my @Kik


Was accused of not having Kik Messenger in my Social folder today.


Instant Messaging: Dead or Minimal? Lets @kik it

Back in the 90’s it was the coolest way to chat with your close buddies.  Today, LOL and BRB are now seen in Facebook and Twitter updates.  Regardless of what social channels are used for, did Instant Messaging disappear?

I never minded the lack of privacy with Instant Messaging.  It’s parallel to some privacy concerns on Facebook.  Conversations on Instant Messaging platforms back then could be saved, or screenshots taken.  Therefore, any “dark secrets” could become public. 

The growing openness on the web is lessening the dependency on private conversations.  I remember the need to use multi-protocol messaging applications like Trillian to be connected everywhere.  AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, IRC, and so forth were taking up a lot of screen space.  

Google Talk and Skype are the only two I still use,  barely.  The need to use an app that logs into everything feels irrelevant now.   Stumbled on an iPhone app called Verbs (shown above) which supports Google Talk only.  It fits into the minimal requirements of what I’m looking for.

Today, I use Kik more than any app that revolves around one-on-one conversation. They put an emphasis on realtime communication which makes both the interface and sense of urgency come to life.

App Review: @Kik for Android, iPhone, Blackberry


App Review: @Kik for Android, iPhone, Blackberry

I’m all about free messaging.  Cellular providers charge for text messaging plans. Unlimited or a few here and there, it’s still a cost that can be ear ringing or go without being noticed.

Blackberry Messanger provides immediate realtime communication between it’s users. It’s a very strong reason for Blackberry users maintaining high loyalty.  However, it leaves Android and iPhone users on the outside looking in so to speak.

Kik is a relatively new app for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.  It has a Blackberry Messanger appeal to it.   According to statistics,  Kik went from zero to one million users in 15 days.  Besides features,  I really look forward to their success.

Some features of Kik include Sent, Delivered, and Read message updates.  You’ll be able to tell if a significant other is ignoring you, but I don’t endorse that reasoning.  It’s very fast like an actual face-to-face conversation.  Very basic for now, but more features to come.  Legal music sharing was one!

In the meantime, I’m being Kik’d right now.  Try it out and Kik me your thoughts.  My username is rosslarocco.

*UPDATE* RIM has pulled Kik from Blackberry until further notice.